Who said Autism is untreatable? Acupuncture can treat Autism!

Who said Autism is untreatable? Acupuncture can treat Autism!

Most parents with autistic children fall into a state of mental depression believing that their child cannot be treated. But is it true that autistic children cannot be treated? Autistic children can be treated and cured completely with Acupuncture.

Autism is one of the many conditions that are associated with poor brain development. It is mainly of two types; Brain Dysfunction or Brain malformation. In the USA, the diagnosis of Autism is called minimal brain dysfunction. Degeneration of brain cells is the progressive death of brain cells and nerve cells. Dysfunctional brain cells are normal brain cells that do not function properly. Most cases of autism after birth will be due to dysfunctional brain cells.

Autistic children most often have proper physical development over the years but will have poor mental development. This is caused due to the dysfunctional brain cells. These dysfunctional brain cells cause poor transmission of neural information from one cell to another. They will have poor communication skills, social impairment, irritability, and limited interests. Thus, these children cannot be contained by rules or commands set by parents or other people. This is because they do not possess the ability to perceive and follow these rules or commands. These children are most often seen in their own world, hence the name Autism (Auto means self). They would be occupied in repetitive and vague actions and behaviors that they are comfortable doing. Trying to push these children outside their comfort zone can make them violent or irritable.

Why does Western Medicine fail to cure Autism?

Behavioral therapies and pharmacological therapies are recommended treatment options for autism by western medicine. These therapies offered by western medicine do not aim at treating autism rather they offer palliative care for the affected children. To start off, drug therapy for autism does nothing but reduce the intensity of the child’s symptoms. This means that the child has to be on lifelong medications. And the side-effects caused due to the long-term usage of these calming drugs can impose serious illness.

Other behavioral therapies, speech therapies, and occupational therapies are the non-pharmacological options that western medicine has to offer for autistic children. The result of these therapies will help in habitual behavior but cannot improve the perception of the command. These therapies involve repeatedly enforcing certain behaviors and speech mannerisms to try and normalize the child’s vague behavior. But this treatment does not address the underlying issue of dysfunctional brain cells. And because of this, your child does not fully get treated or cured but your child is repeatedly trained to behave normally.

The failure of western medicine to treat children with Autism has sowed a misconception in the minds of many parents that autism cannot be treated.

How acupuncture can help an autistic child?

Acupuncture treatment offers a cure to autism rather than a temporary treatment. By inserting a number of fine needles into the scalp in the specific points, it accentuates the perception of the brain cells. This repeated stimulation restores the functionality of the dysfunctional brain cells. Scalp acupuncture which is also known as Neuro acupuncture is a combination of traditional acupuncture and neurology. This treatment is virtually painless and has zero side-effects.

After the therapy is over the child can undergo normal education in normal schools. This is how Acupuncture can make an autistic child a normal one.

Dr. Muthukumar

Dr. Muthukumar is a medical Acupuncturist practicing exclusive acupuncture therapy for 33 years is basically a medical graduate from Madurai Medical College, Madurai. His keen interest and passion towards acupuncture made him pursue this valuable art and obtain a Ph.D. degree from Singapore in 1997 and served as an acupuncturist in China in 1997. Running an exclusive acupuncture unit at Vijaya Health Centre at Vadapalani, one of the forerunners in the field of multi-specialty hospitals. He Was invited by the government of China as a member of Indian Delegation in 2016 August.