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Bay University is located at Dutch Island, is committed to High Quality Teaching Program through Innovative ‘Organ Based Integrated Curriculum’ with ‘Problem Based Learning’ for better grasping of the subject materials. This is being a new university, latest curricular materials and advanced teaching technology are adopted for teaching learning activities. Mentored Research Program for the students are introduced to promote critical thinking and scholarly activities in the university. Teaching and Research Faculty are exceptionally experienced teachers and dedicated to promote academic performance, even of the last student of a class that make the university unique. Tuition fees are exceptionally low, affordable by students of every steps of life. Instead of students moving from one hospital to other, Bay university conducts Clinical Rotation in one renowned hospital in US and Other Countries.

Affordable Tuition Fee

Scholarship Available

MCAT Not Required

4 Years USA Based MD Program

Accreditation & Recognition

  • Registered and listed at the Chamber of Commerce, Government of Aruba
  • The Bay University is welcomed to operate Medical University of “Deemed” status by Ministry of Education, Government of Aruba
  • Applied and in the Process to be listed in the World Directory of Medical School
  • Applied and in the Process to be listed in the International Medical Education Directory
  • Applied and in the Process to be listed in the World Health Organization Directory of Medical School
  • Applied and in the Process, The Bay University Medical Graduates will be eligible to be Education Commission of Foreign Medical Graduate (ECFMG) Certified

Bay University School of Medicine offers a Comprehensive Medical Training through ‘Organ Based Integrated Curriculum’ of SPICE model to aspiring Physicians, Surgeons and Researchers to practice medicine in United State of America, Canada and beyond. This training programs aims at preparing students for learning medicine through holistic approach.

Bay University School of Medicine adopts US Modeled Curriculum that integrate all the subjects of Basic Sciences into a Organ Based  ‘Module’ known as ‘Organ Based Integrated Curriculum’. University creates a environment conducive for Teaching Learning Activities  that culminate in Higher Learning of the subject materials, sympathy, empathy and professionalism. Two year of Basic Sciences Program  is organized into six Four-Month Semesters of which Sixth Semester is booked  for updating the subject materials through Multi-System Seminar(MSS) and strengthening   the conceptual materials of medicine through Comprehensive Review. Many topics are delivered through  ‘Theme Based Approach’ with the objective of  acquiring thorough comprehensive knowledge of the subjects. All  the students attending Bay University prepare themselves to enter US through USMLE, to practice medicine. Basic Science is taught in Aruba campus by renowned and experienced professors who have authority in their subjects of specialization using Hi-Tech Teaching Technology and simulation to enhances the medical school experiences.

Bay University assigns Clinical Rotations and trains its medical students in  university affiliated ACGME accredited teaching hospitals in US and Canada. After completing two year of  Basic Sciences Courses in Aruba Campus, all the students move  on to North American Hospitals for Clinical Rotation. During this part of their study, they serve as a member of  a team that comprised of students, residents and consultants that will enhance their learning experiences. During their rotation, they are involved in History Taking, Physical Examination, Interpretation of Laboratory Data and Radiology Investigations, undertake certain Procedures. This period is meant for ‘Core’ and ‘Elective’ Rotation and on successful completion, they move on to Residency Program through the National Residency Matching Program.

Bay University runs a Pre-Medical Programs 90 Credits  for the prospective students who run short of  eligibility for MD Program. This Program is meant for students who have twelve years of schooling and will bridge the knowledge gap to understand the subjects of Medical Sciences. Beside Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics  and Calculus, Research Methodology and Laboratory Procedures are introduced in this modules. Basic Life Support Training is mandatory for all the Pre-Med students.

  • We accept Transfer Credits from other Accredited Medical Schools
  • No Entrance Exam for Transfer Students
  • Tuition fees will be matched to their previous Medical School, If the Bay University fees are higher than the previous Medical School

4 Year MD Program – Completion of 90 college credits or Bachelor of Science with Bay University Prerequisites.

5 Year MD Program – 12 Year completion of schooling with any major group.

For Admission Enquiries


15-A First Cross Street, Defence Officers Colony,

Guindy Industrial Estate P.O, Chennai 600 032, India

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Dr. Sowmya : +91-9789816531
Hemamalini : +91-9884456142


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