Acupuncture for Arthritis

Acupuncture for Arthritis

Arthritis means inflammation in the bone joints commonly found to occur in both men and women above 40 years of age. Remedy for arthritis is nearly absent in Western medicine or any other alternative medicines for that matter except Acupuncture. The specialty of acupuncture with respect to arthritis is the pathogenesis (the manner in which the condition develops) of arthritis and the detailing of the disease.

More about Arthritis and its Variations

Arthritis is a disease that has different types and classifications. Even within a single type of arthritis, the pain and other symptoms that manifest can be different for different people. Here are some variations that help us understand the nature of arthritis.

(1)    In some patients there may be swelling in the joint cavities while in others the joint cavities may be dried up.

(2)    In some patients, the skin over the joint cavities may be warm while in others it may be cold.

(3)    In some patients the pain might be severe will in others it may be changing.

(4)    In some patients the pain might be confined to one joint while in other patients the pain may be shifting from one joint to another.

Due to these variations that bring about the varied presentation of arthritis in patients, this disease is touted as being one of the challenging diseases to treat and manage. Since such variations are often not considered in western and other modalities of treatment, therefore, are not effective. But this is not the case with Acupuncture. Since Acupuncture studies the variations in detail and treats accordingly to such variations, the management of arthritis in Acupuncture is touted to be superior. This is the reason why the NHS (National Health Service), the primary medical service provider in the UK, has given the option to patients to opt for Acupuncture to treat Arthritis.

Treatment in Rheumatic Arthritis

Rheumatic Arthritis is a type of arthritis where the pain characteristically moves from one joint to another. The pain in the joint and the inflammation of the joint can be fritting and fleeting in nature. Fritting means something that is not permanent while Fleeting means jumping from one joint to another.

Why this jumping from one joint to another takes place?

It is quite interesting to note that the reason for this jumping or fleeting from one joint to another is answered only by Acupuncture. As wind is migratory in nature, the evil wind that affects the joint keeps shifting from one joint to another.

There are 4 types of Arthritis that is caused by the evil wind, they are Wandering Bi, Painful Bi, Fixed Bi, and Heat Bi.

Treatment of arthritis by Acupuncture

–          The type of Bi is first analyzed and concluded for the patient. Accordingly by using a different group of points for a different type of arthritis needling is done.

–          Our therapy involves 30 minutes of needling for 6-8 weeks. This primarily provides excellent relief from any type of arthritis.

–          Once the treatment is completed, at MIAH we discuss with the patient on the do’s and don’ts they need to follow. These set of do’s and don’ts will be different for different patients. Thereafter patients need to ensure that they follow this advice strictly. This resultant change in the lifestyle ensures that the patient can lead a arthritic – free life henceforth.

Dr. Muthukumar

Dr. Muthukumar is a medical Acupuncturist practicing exclusive acupuncture therapy for 33 years is basically a medical graduate from Madurai Medical College, Madurai. His keen interest and passion towards acupuncture made him pursue this valuable art and obtain a Ph.D. degree from Singapore in 1997 and served as an acupuncturist in China in 1997. Running an exclusive acupuncture unit at Vijaya Health Centre at Vadapalani, one of the forerunners in the field of multi-specialty hospitals. He Was invited by the government of China as a member of Indian Delegation in 2016 August.

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