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The Science of Acupuncture is an essential component of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), which is one of the oldest modalities of treatment with its origin dating back to 2000 B.C., Acupuncture is believed to have evolved from the Varma form of martial art practised in early South India, which was carried to China by the sage Bohar( Bhoyang). It was later developed and used for a better understanding of the human body and therapeutic purposes. Acupuncture has been recognised by WHO in 1975 and being practised in more than 120 countries including USA, Canada, United Kingdom, western and eastern countries. In most of the places not only the government has recognised the science but also the insurance companies have accepted acupuncture. India being a diabetic hub of the world and diabetes also being treatable through acupuncture our mother India badly needs acupuncture practitioners to serve the community at large and produce quality citizens to our country. More over medical and para medical doctors, when they undergo acupuncture training it will be very useful for them to diagnose and treat chronic ailments like diabetes, asthma, arthritis, autism etc..,

More to say, even our rig veda ( the oldest vedic book available) describes acupuncture under the heading Suchiveda that gives in detail all about the concepts, meridians and techniques of acupuncture needling. This confirms that the existence of acupuncture should have been from ancient India

The  theories of Yin-Yang (Ardhanareeshwar of Hinduism depicts this principle perfectly), the Five elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Wood & Water) and Qi(Universal life force/Prana) form the conceptual framework of acupuncture. The human body has 12+2  meridians that form a complex network and are distributed both interiorly (connected with the internal organs) and exteriorly across the body. According to TCM, the major disease causative factors are spirit imbalance & emotional disturbance in addition to external pathogens, climatic conditions, improper dietary habits and lifestyle. In Acupuncture, Bimetal needles are inserted in to empirically defined acupoints, where they penetrate the patient’s skin to various depths and initiate an electrical discharge. This exerts a therapeutic effect by stimulating the normal intrinsic body function to restore homeostasis and natural body resistance (Self Healing).



Though many modalities of treatment existed since stone age only very few sustain and in practice even today. Out of them the one modality that has been practiced even today in more than 120 countries is acupuncture.

Acupuncture differs from the other science of medicine in a way when others deal only with the physical ailment acupuncture deals the disease at three different levels – “ Body , spirit and emotions”. In problems where emotions are disturbed it will also be manifested physically, and then when we treat the physical body alone ,disease will not be cured unless the emotional disturbances are corrected. On needling we strike a balance within the body, spirit, emotions and regulate the homeostasis within the body.

Acupuncture shows excellent results in chronic dropouts of other medical modalities. For example: Asthma, Diabetes, Arthritis, Autism and many others. Acupuncture totally treats the above said conditions where other modalities could only control them.


Our institute is one a kind in India in holding an affiliation with the Chinese university “Nine Needle college of TCM, Shanxi, China an internationally reputed college for the past 147 years.We offer Post graduate certificate course on acupuncture for medical and para medical  (MBBS / BDS/ BPT/ BHMS/ BAMS/ BSMS/ BNYS)  graduates.


  • Highly sophisticated equipments are not required for clinical practice
  • No massive infrastructure is required
  • As diagnosis is done through iridology, Xray ECG and other lab tests are not necessary
  • No side effects or down time is seen during or after the procedure


Dr. Muthukumar

Chief Doctor, MIAH​

Dr. Sowmya

Deputy Chief Doctor, MIAH​


Pursuing this course has not only exposed me to the new science of Acupuncture but has also given me a great awareness of the human body. This course is so well structured, that it incorporates not only the theoretical aspects of acupuncture but also includes clinical and practical aspects in depth. And about Dr.Muthukumar, I’m very grateful to have been trained by a professor who is internationally renowned with 34 years of experience in this field from whom I constantly draw knowledge, support and inspiration. He being a stalwart in the field was very supportive and encouraging throughout the program. His immense knowledge and overwhelming guidance helped me gain confidence to practice acupuncture as an individual practioner. On the whole this course was a good opportunity to learn and pursue Acupuncture as an eminent acupiunturist.

- Dr. S.Sowmya, BDS, FDI, MD (Acupuncture),

Dr. Muthukumar Institute Of Acupuncture

I joined Dr.Muthukumar as a student in the year 2000 after viewing a Television programme in which he had given an interview about the basics and nuances of acupuncture. I would like to state Dr.Muthukumar as a God’s gift to the field of acupuncture. I came across a lot of acupuncture institutes in the recent past but I would confidently state that no one provides knowledge like Dr.Muthukumar institute of acupuncture. The one unique thing of his teaching is he always gives more importance to the pathogenesis not merely to the meridians and points. He always says that the knowledge of pathology alone helps the practising acupuncturist to diagnose and treat the patient by selecting the appropriate points according to the differentiation of syndromes. I completed the course in 2000 and now I am a proud practioner for the past 17 years.

-Dr. Vanitha,


Dr. Muthukumar was my first teacher in the field of acupuncture. A textbook can prescribe only basics, but there is no replacement for a teacher like him. During needling he expalins why he has selected the point and what results he expects out of it. He is skilful, humble and passionate. He always teaches out of his own personal experience. He loves to provide the incredibly valued knowledge of acupuncture he gained in his 34 years of practice to his students. I was fortunate to learn the best from Dr. Muthukumar. Thank you sir for moulding me in becoming a better acupuncturist.

- Dr.K.Venkatesan..M.D.(AEM),

Govt. Yoga Naturopathy Medical College

Before 3 months i met Dr. Muthukumar, I lost vision in both my eyes. I met doctor & was mentally relieved when doctor went through my reports & assured me that my problem was treatable with acupuncture within 60 days. Within 10 days there was marked improvement. My vision was slowly getting better within 20 days, my vision was completely normal-the magic needle had worked wonders!

- Sneha

I was a diabetic patient and was on 4 tablets per day and now after the acupuncture therapy i live without a single tablet and on normal diet. Now we feel we have more energy and we are able to perform our daily routines better day-to-day as a result of these treatments. Now we don’t need to avoid any of our favorite foods like ice creams and so on. Thank You Doctor, for we are healthier now. Your skills helped us. We wish the doctor a long healthier life. And also we pray to “GOD ALMIGHTY” that more and more people get healed by his acupuncture treatment.

- Balraj

I Grace Balraj wife of Er.G.balraj, Executive Engineer/TNEB(Retired) residing at Chennai writing to thank Dr.Muthukumar for helping me to overcome chronic sinusitis using acupuncture treatment. When I first came to see him, I had severe sinusitis, which has been ongoing for more than 27 years. I have tried all types of treatment. Sometimes I was bed ridden. Headache and sinus- infection had been bothering me for years. I very often use nasal drops and sprays to relive my nasal blocks. Every week if i take hair wash, then I have to use antibiotics and anti allergic medicines for my infection and headaches. I couldn’t eat any of my favourite cold items like ice cream, curd rice ,etc. Sometimes, if I do eat it for my desire, then I have to suffer accordingly. I did try Homeopathy, Siddha, and Ayurvedic treatment, which didn’t help me out well including Allopathy, which resulted relief for few days and also had lots of side effects. Finally, I even underwent sinus surgery, which gave me a temporary relief for about a year. But then, all symptoms gradually started to appear again. At this point, I came to know about Dr.Muthukumar, Acupuncture specialist through media and consulted him. During the treatment, the doctor advised me to gradually reduce the medicines and finally stopped all the medicines. To my surprise i saw all the symptoms of the sinusitis infections miraculously subside. I literally saw my headaches gradually disappear and now i am leading a normal life.

- Grace Balraj